JSI Tip 7338. CleanUp freeware purges old files from %TEMP% and more.

Download and unzip CleanUp.

The ReadMe.txt file contains:

CleanUp version 1.41

 Cleans temporary files out of the %TEMP% directory.

 Temporary files include the following patterns:
 *.tmp;  ~*.*;  _*.*;  *.~*;  *._*;  gl*.exe;  mse0*.*; ol*.tmp.html;
 msohtml*.*; vbe; frontpagetempdir; exchangeperflog_*.dat; vpmectmp;
 twain.log; tw*.mtx

 Syntax: CleanUp.exe \[/Y\] \[/O\] \[/A\] \[/P:folder\] \[/Q\]

 /Y suppresses the 'Are you sure?' prompt.
 /O deletes only old files (recommended). Any files that have been created,
    modified or accessed on the same day will be skipped.
 /A deletes all files, not just temporary files (Use caution!).
 /P allows you to clean out a folder other than %TEMP%.
   (When used with /A the %WINDIR%, System32 and root folders are not allowed.)
 /Q suppresses all output, including errors.

 /? or -? displays this syntax and always returns 1.
  A successful completion returns 0.

Copyright 1999-2003 Marty List, www.OptimumX.com

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