JSI Tip 7293. Freeware NetSend spoofs the sender's name

If you need the ability to net send with a spoofed sender id, download NetSend.exe.

When you type netsend /?, you receive:

Spoofed NetSend Command for Windows NT/2K
by Goldie <[email protected]>
Visit : http://www.checksum.org

Usage: NetSend <Sender> <Receiver> "<Message>"
Example: Netsend Sam Jim "Hello from Sam!"

NOTE: I was unable to get NetSend to send to a user <Receiver>, but sending to a computer name worked well, as in the following example:

netsend The_Management JSI003 "Don't forget the party tonight."

NOTE: Using NETDOM from the Windows Server 2003 support tools, you can send to every workstation with the following command line:

for /f "Skip=1 Tokens=*" %i in ('netdom query workstation') do netsend The_Management %i "Don't forget the party tonight."

NOTE: Netdom from your version of Windows may have a slightly different syntax.

If you include the above in a batch, don't forget to change %i to %%i.

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