JSI Tip 7249. Support WebCast: Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

Support WebCast: Cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 contains:

Session Summary

This Support WebCast session will provide information about managing cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 6. Topics will include general information about cookies, information about how Internet Explorer 6 filters cookies, the default privacy settings in Internet Explorer 6 and how to manage your privacy settings and customized privacy preferences files. The session will also include some basic information and references to documentation about how to implement Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) privacy policies on your Web site.

This is a Level :200 session that will be presented by William Keener. William Keener is currently a Technical Writer for Windows and Internet Explorer in the PSS Global Service Automation Group. He was previously a Technical Lead for both Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP in PSS.

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