JSI Tip 7246. TechNet Webcast: Windows 2000/2003 Group Policy Essentials.

TechNet Webcast: Windows 2000/2003 Group Policy Essentials contains:

Event Description:

Just getting started with Windows Group Policies? Unsure of where they apply or how to manage them? Or have you already gotten yourself in a heap of trouble? In this session you'll learn just what Group Policy is, and how you can deploy it correctly! Join us in this session where you'll hear Active Directory and Group Policy Guru Jeremy Moskowitz, author of the highly-acclaimed Windows 2000: Group Policy, Profiles and Intellimirror teach you the ropes! You'll learn how to modify Group Policy objects to lock down desktops and manage your user environments. You'll gain insights into the thorny issues surrounding permissions. You'll discover how to delegate the job of creating Group Policies. Last, you'll learn how to troubleshoot Group Policy-through tools and with your bare hands! Several copies of Jeremy's book will be provided to lucky participants courtesy of SYBEX.

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