JSI Tip 7229. How do I remove the 'Set Program Access and Defaults' feature as I roll out Windows 2000 SP3 or greater?

In tip 5889 ยป How do I remove the Set Program Access and Defaults feature, I described how to remove the Set Program Access and Defaults feature, after it is installed.

To remove it during a service pack rollout:

1. Expand the <service_pack_name>.exe file by running <service_pack_name>.exe /x.

2. Open the <Extraction Folder>\i386\update\Update.inf file in Notepad.

3. Under the \[Product.Add.Reg\] section, add the following line:


4. Save the <Extraction Folder>\i386\update\Update.inf file.

5. Install the service pack by running \\ComputerName\ServicePackShare\i386\update\Update.exe, where \\ComputerName\ServicePackShare points to <Extraction Folder>.

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