JSI Tip 7180. Support WebCast: Recovering from Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Start Problems.

Support WebCast: Recovering from Microsoft Windows 2000 Server Start Problems contains:

"This Support WebCast provides a basic overview of the system recovery process for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server products that will not start correctly. It will discuss the recovery process using various Microsoft recovery tools and methods. It will also discuss tips that can be used to speed up recovery if a system crash (failure) occurs. The main objective of this presentation is to inform the customer of available system recovery options, the symptoms they may see during a system recovery, and the available features that can help.

This is a Level 200 session that will be presented by Robert Oppegaard. Robert Oppegaard is a Support Engineer for Microsoft Product Support Services. Robert has been with Microsoft for eight years and is a member of the Premier Setup Support team in Washington. Before coming to Microsoft, he worked in the industry consulting, troubleshooting, and has deployed and supported Windows products for other major companies."

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