JSI Tip 7072. You cannot pipe/redirect a Y/Enter, or use Sendkeys to press Y/Enter in a Scheduled Task?


When you try to pipe or redirect a Y+ENTER, or when you try to use SendKeys in a Scheduled Task, the target does NOT receive the Y+ENTER.

The inability to pipe or redirect indicates that the target Window is being displayed using a non-standard method.

To workaround all these behaviors, download Sendy.zip, and unzip it to a folder in your path.

To use SendY.EXE, start the process that contains the target Window with a START "WindowTitle", followed by sendy.exe WindowTitle in the main process. Sendy.exe will wait for a process with the WindowTitle title (causing your main process tp wait), send a Y+ENTER when it detects the process with the WindowTitle title, and then terminate.

Here is a sample:

start "My Title" program.exe \[parameters\]
sendy.exe My Title

NOTE: Even if My Title contains spaces, DO NOT use double-quotes (") with the sendy.exe parameter.

NOTE: You can use SendY.exe to send a Y+ENTER even when piping, redirecting, or SendKeys would work.

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