JSI Tip 6956. How can I disable a kernel mode filter driver without uninstalling the application?

If you are troubleshooting an application that uses a kernel mode filter driver, you may wish to disable the filter driver without having to uninstall the application.

Kernel mode filter drivers can cause file copy and backup problem, cause files on network shares to open slowly, or post errors to the System event log:

Event ID: 2022
Source: SRV
Type: Error
Description: The server was unable to find a free connection number times in the last number seconds.

When troubleshooting these issues, you have to disable any relevant services and filter drivers:

1. Stop all of the applications services.

2. Set the Start value of the services to disabled, 0x04.

3. Set the Start value of the filter driver to disabled, 0x04.

4. Restart the computer.

NOTE: Most antivirus applications use filter drivers, as do many backup agents.

NOTE: See HOWTO: Enable Verbose Debug Tracing in Various Drivers and Subsystems?

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