JSI Tip 6938. FRS reports 'ERROR_SHARING_VIOLATION' when it tries to replicate data that is in use?

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 822300 contains the following SYMPTOMS:

On Distributed File System (DFS) replica members or on domain controllers that are hosting a SYSVOL replica set, you may find an event that is similar to the following in the File Replication service (FRS) area of Event Viewer:

Event Type: Warning
Event Source: NtFrs
Event Category: None
Event ID: 13573
Date: date
Time: time
User: N/A
Computer: ComputerName
Description: File Replication Service has been repeatedly prevented from updating

File Name : Filename.txt
File GUID : 97130a43-f134-4595-88cc6c87c3d41955

due to consistent sharing violations encountered on the file. Sharing violations occur when another user or application holds a file open, blocking FRS from updating it. Blockage caused by sharing violations can result in out-of-date replicated content. FRS will continue to retry this update, but will be blocked until the sharing violations are eliminated.

Possible reasons for a sharing violation are other sources that may have opened the file to be replicated in on the target machine. To determine the full path of the file in sharing violation open the Computer Management, Shared Folders, Open Files from compmgmt.msc for the file in question and the user that has the file opened. Search for the file listed above, Right click on the file, Select the close option to forcibly close the file. Note if multiple files with the same name are held open you may need to close all or perform more detailed steps listed in the KB article to determine file with full path that matches the GUID reported in the event.

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