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JSI Tip 6916. When you configure a Windows 2000 SP4 remote access server to assign a different range of IP addresses to remote access clients, they receive addresses from the original range?

If you restart the Routing and Remote Access service to correct the subject problem, the problem is NOT resolved.

If you shutdown and restart the Routing and Remote Access SP4 server, the correct IP addresses are assigned.

This issue will occur if your RRAS server was configured to assign IP addresses from a static IP address pool, and you performed the following tasks to configure a different static IP address pool:

1. You disabled Routing and Remote Access.

2. You reconfigured RRAS to assign IP address from a different static IP address pool.

You should NOT have disabled RRAS. To change the static IP address scope:

1. Start / Programs / Administrative Tools / Routing and Remote Access.

2. Right -click the remote access server in the left-hand pane and press Properties.

3. Select the IP tab.

4. Select the static address pool in the Static address pool list and press Edit.

5. Type the start IP address and the end IP address in the corresponding boxes and press OK.

6. Press Apply and OK.

If you had disabled RRAS, restarted the service, and have not yet restarted your server, use the above steps to reassign the same new IP address pool, which will refresh the range in the registry, obviating the need to shutdown and restart.

NOTE: See How do I allow remote users (Windows 2000 RAS) to access my network?

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