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JSI Tip 6890. What is fixed in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4?

Windows service packs are cumulative, SP4 contains all the fixes in the previous service packs.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to apply any earlier service pack before installing SP4.

NOTE: See 260910 - How to Obtain the Latest Windows 2000 Service Pack.
The following list of fixes, arranged by category, are included in SP4:

    Number         Title     Category
    263939     Disk Performance May Degrade Over Time     Base operating system
    278710     No Global Groups Are Available Creating File-Share Resource Permissions in Cluster Administrator     Base operating system
    289261     Backup Takes Much Longer When PAE Is Enabled     Base operating system
    291594     The Windows File Checker Utility Cannot Restore Protected Operating System Files     Base operating system
    307331     EnableTrace() Function Requires Trace Providers to Be Registered Before Enabling Them     Base operating system
    308483     GetNtmsObjectAttribute() Does Not Return ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER     Base operating system
    309344     File Appears to Be Deleted Although You Do Not Have Permissions on the OS/2 Warp4-Based Server     Base operating system
    313600     An Error Occurs in Usbhub.sys If It Is Used as a Composite Driver     Base operating system
    315829     Cancelled URB May Not Contain the Number of Bytes That Were Actually Transferred     Base operating system
    318107     No Audio on a Web Camera When You Resume from Hibernation     Base operating system
    318533     Windows 2000 Post-Service Pack 3 Active Directory Rollup Hotfix     Base operating system
    318789     Redirector Does Not Cache Files When the SPARSE Attribute Is Set     Base operating system
    318871     Problems Transferring Highly Fragmented Packets in NDIS     Base operating system
    319313     You May Receive a "Tape Drive Requires Cleaning" Error Message When You Try to Back Up     Base operating system
    319326     Certain R2 PC Cards Are Incorrectly Enumerated as Memory Cards     Base operating system
    319473     FRS Does Not Replicate Files or Folders If the System Account Does Not Have Full Control of the Directory Tree     Base operating system
    319588     Peripheral Hardware May Not Be Initialized During the Startup Process     Base operating system
    319913     The NET TIME Command May Report the GMT Bias Incorrectly     Base operating system
    319931     Event ID 49 Entry Is Added to the System Event Log When You Use the 3GB Switch in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    319967     You Cannot Open a File That You Moved to a DFS Share     Base operating system
    320333     Event Log Replication Entries Fill Windows 2000 Cluster Log     Base operating system
    320345     CPU Usage Rises to 100 Percent If You Charge the Battery Slowly While the Computer Is On     Base operating system
    320397     You Receive an "NTLDR Is Missing" Error Message When You Start Your Computer     Base operating system
    320661     You Cannot Take DFS Replica Members Offline     Base operating system
    320865     RIS Setup Stops Responding at "Setup is Starting Windows" Screen     Base operating system
    320877     One-Hour Delay Occurs During Startup with a USB Keyboard and PS/2 Mouse     Base operating system
    321036     Modem Settings Are Missing After You Remove and Re-Insert Your Modem     Base operating system
    321060     Raytheon RayLink Wireless PCMCIA LAN Adapter Does Not Start with a Code 12     Base operating system
    321248     RRAS Dial-on-Demand Interface Does Not Establish a Connection     Base operating system
    321522     Banner Page Always Prints When a Service That Needs to Print to a Novell NetWare Print Queue Prints     Base operating system
    321561     Phantom Connection Count When Keep-Alive Connections Switch Host Header     Base operating system
    321610     Administratively Created DNS Records May Not Be Security-Enhanced     Base operating system
    321623     An Access Violation Occurs in Spoolsv.exe     Base operating system
    321685     Disk Management Snap-In Does Not Show a Disk with a Large Number of Partitions     Base operating system
    321697     You Cannot Make Floppy Disk Controller Physically Probe Floppy Drives     Base operating system
    321733     Delayed Write Failed Error Message When You Write a File to a Server     Base operating system
    322018     L2TP May Not Use the Default IP Address     Base operating system
    322042     Input Language of Terminal Server Client Does Not Match That of Terminal Server Session     Base operating system
    322271     Service Pack 3 Adds Updates to Several Windows 2000 Support Tools     Base operating system
    322346     You Cannot Access Protected Data After You Change Your Password     Base operating system
    322377     Computer Is Unresponsive When Hibernating     Base operating system
    322670     UPN Credentials Cause CSNW to Omit the NDS Tree for Changing Your Password     Base operating system
    322811     IEAK User Rights Deployment Build Is Not Installed If Windows Installer 2.0 Is Installed     Base operating system
    322913     WM_TIMER Messages May Stop Being Delivered to Programs in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    322945     Disks Are Not Detected Correctly When You Add a Disk As a Cluster Resource on a Cluster Node     Base operating system
    323045     Access Violation Error Message in Explorer.exe     Base operating system
    323145     GlobalAlloc() in Ntvdm.exe May Return A Memory Handle That Is Not Valid     Base operating system
    323231     Logical Disk Partitions Are Lost or Damaged After You Upgrade from Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000     Base operating system
    323255     MS02-055: Unchecked Buffer in Windows Help Facility May Allow Attacker to Run Code     Base operating system
    323270     Delegation Wizard Only Reads One CONTROLRIGHT in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    323332     ASP Generates a New ASP SessionID Cookie for Every User Access     Base operating system
    323403     Cannot Remove a Computer from a Domain Because the Computer Name Is Not Found     Base operating system
    323456     Error Message if Windows 2000 Server Is Running Citrix Metaframe That Is Configured in a Load-Balancing Farm     Base operating system
    323552     Dumpfile Header and Header Size Information Are Incorrect     Base operating system
    323592     The Specified DNS Retry Interval Is Not Used     Base operating system
    323608     The DisablePagingExecutive Setting May Cause Windows 2000 to Hang     Base operating system
    324184     Access Violation in Lsass.exe Because of LDAP Version 2 Search with Referrals     Base operating system
    324406     Printing to a Redirected LPT1 from Windows XP to Windows 2000 Prints Multiple Separator Pages     Base operating system
    324439     FIX: DM_USER_DEFAULT Flag Is Not Set in the DOCUMENTPROPERTYHEADER Structure     Base operating system
    324574     Certificate Does Not Display the Ampersand (&) in a Company Name     Base operating system
    324612     Plug and Play Devices Are Not Detected After You Restart Your Windows 2000-Based Computer     Base operating system
    324627     A Network File Cannot be Opened if the File is Locked     Base operating system
    325031     Computer Enters Standby During IR File Transfer in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    325040     Windows 2000: Drive Letter Changes After You Restart Your Computer     Base operating system
    325266     No Files Are Displayed on Backup Tape or You Are Repeatedly Asked to Insert a Tape     Base operating system
    325748     FIX: Memory Leak in Remote Procedure Call Server Service (RPCSS)     Base operating system
    325945     The WinNT Provider Returns an Incorrect Number of Domains in a Network     Base operating system
    325955     Installing a Non-Plug and Play Driver for a PCI Device May Cause Problems     Base operating system
    326330     The Cluster Service Detects RPC Errors 1726 and 1722     Base operating system
    326591     Maximum NT User Handles Per Process Is 10,000 in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    326647     Windows 2000 NAT May Reuse TIME-WAIT Connections Before the 2MSL Period     Base operating system
    326662     Hibernation Problem with Computers with One Gigabyte of RAM Under High-Stress Conditions     Base operating system
    326830     MS02-045: Unchecked Buffer in Network Share Provider May Lead to Denial-of-Service     Base operating system
    326891     The Clusdisk.sys Driver Does Not Permit Disks to Be Removed by Plug and Play     Base operating system
    326967     IAS Logs List an Incorrect IP Address for the Network Access Server Device     Base operating system
    327012     Index Server 3.0 Does Not Correctly Index Some Excel Files     Base operating system
    327020     Error Message Occurs When You Start Disk Management After Extending a Hardware Array     Base operating system
    327163     DFS Alternate Is Modified Unexpectedly     Base operating system
    327392     MSMQ: A Version Mismatch Between Mqmig.exe and Mqmigrat.dll Causes Primary Enterprise Controller Migration to Fail     Base operating system
    327498     Files May Appear to Be Empty with an Older Redirector     Base operating system
    327559     Removable Storage Recognizes the Tape Drive but It Does Not Recognize Any Media in the Drive     Base operating system
    327840     Preventing Users from Putting Compressed Files on a File Server     Base operating system
    328020     Redirected Printing Through a Terminal Services Session May Not Work with Windows 2000 SP3     Base operating system
    328036     Removing USB Hub Causes STOP 0x0000001E     Base operating system
    328097     Adding a Print Separator Page May Cause an Error Message     Base operating system
    328141     The Microsoft Message Queue Server Migration Tool Deletes the MsmqServices Object     Base operating system
    328165     An Access Violation Occurs When BizTalk Server Is Under a Heavy Load     Base operating system
    328773     Task Scheduler Jobs Do Not Work and Generate Error Code 0x8004130f Intermittently     Base operating system
    328786     List Is Cleared If You Accidentally Enter a Blank Line in the "Run Only Allowed Windows Applications" Policy     Base operating system
    329068     CreateMultiProfileTransform() Stops Working After 1,000 Calls and Then Leaks Memory     Base operating system
    329170     MS02-070: Flaw in SMB Signing May Permit Group Policy to Be Modified     Base operating system
    329178     Security Group Policy Is Applied During Every Startup Process     Base operating system
    329179     Integrated Technology Express Devices May Not Work with Windows 2000     Base operating system
    329259     An Access Violation Occurs in Rsvpsp.dll     Base operating system
    329346     A Handle Leak Occurs in Mstask.exe     Base operating system
    329546     MSMQ: The Bind Syntax Is Not Correctly Interpreted     Base operating system
    329688     FIX: RPC_S_CALL_FAILED When You Use COM Server to Call Multithreaded Client Application     Base operating system
    329771     An Access Violation Occurs in Unregmp2.exe When You First Log On to Windows 2000     Base operating system
    329801     You May Receive a "Stop 0x1E" Error Message Intermittently in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    329806     Error Reported When ADSI MoveHere Function Runs Against Third-Party LDAP Server     Base operating system
    329834     MS02-063: Unchecked Buffer in PPTP Implementation May Permit Denial-of-Service Attacks     Base operating system
    329895     FTP Transfers by Using Network Address Translation May Not Work     Base operating system
    330016     Stop 0x7B Error Occurs If You Disable Diskperf When Other Filter Drivers Are Loaded     Base operating system
    330259     Intermittent Program Unresponsiveness Occurs When You Use Performance Monitoring     Base operating system
    330363     A "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Occurs in the NetWare Redirector     Base operating system
    330574     Intermittent Name Resolution Issues and Event IDs 5501 and 6524 Are Logged to the DNS Server Event Log     Base operating system
    331009     COM+ Leaks Non-Root Transaction Objects     Base operating system
    331018     Files Larger Than 4 GB Are Truncated During a Restore If an EMC Device Is Used     Base operating system
    331053     DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL Error Message when You Dismount a Volume     Base operating system
    331330     Active Directory Passes Incorrect Security Descriptors to Programs     Base operating system
    331371     Mqbkup.exe Does Not Support a Virtual Cluster Service     Base operating system
    331910     DHCP Vendor-Specific Options Longer Than 124 Bytes Are Not Sent     Base operating system
    332001     DF Bit Is Incorrectly Set to Zero on All Packets Sent From a Windows 2000-Based Computer     Base operating system
    332023     Slow Disk Performance When Write Caching Is Enabled     Base operating system
    810008     Active RPC Connections Are Closed     Base operating system
    810038     Stop 0x0E3 Error Occurs When Redirector Thread Tries to Release a Lock     Base operating system
    810058     The Computer Appears to Stop Responding When a Program Sends Large Blocks of Data Through TCP/IP Sockets in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    810090     Universal Serial Bus Devices Are Not Detected Intermittently When You Start or Resume the Computer     Base operating system
    810161     Network Adapters Are Missing or Incorrect in Device Manager After You Run NTBackup to Restore System State Data     Base operating system
    810340     File Server Stops Responding (Hangs) When You Rename a File     Base operating system
    810418     Disabling Site Awareness for Windows 2000 DFS in a Windows NT 4.0 Domain     Base operating system
    810425     Server Intermittently Stops Responding During High Disk Activity     Base operating system
    810558     Stop 0x00000051 REGISTRY_ERROR Error Message When You Log On     Base operating system
    811005     User Authentication to Services Such as Microsoft Exchange Server May Time Out on a Member Server     Base operating system
    811011     USB Storage Device Is Not Recognized After the Computer Resumes from Hibernation     Base operating system
    811217     Improvements in the Post-Service Pack 3 Release of Ntfrs.exe     Base operating system
    811281     Cannot Play Video CDs on Windows 2000     Base operating system
    811363     A "Stop 0x0000001E" Error Occurs in Win32k.sys in Windows 2000     Base operating system
    811370     Issues That Are Fixed in the Post-Service Pack 3 Release of Ntfrs.exe     Base operating system
    811421     Stratus ftServer-Based Computer Stops Responding (Hangs) After a Surprise Removal of OpenHCI USB Host Controller     Base operating system
    811475     Debugging a Process Might Cause Handles to Leak     Base operating system
    811621     Cannot Restore Backup Media That Is Created by a Backup Operator     Base operating system
    811732     Paged Pool Memory Decreases as You Add RAM     Base operating system
    811772     Memory Leak in Winmgmt.exe When You Run Monitoring Tools     Base operating system
    811777     Multimedia Device Does Not Work After You Update Its Driver     Base operating system
    811964     Terminal Services Program May Run More Slowly on Windows 2000 Than on Windows NT 4.0     Base operating system
    812415     Problems When Your Computer with Multiple ATA Drives Enters the S1 Power State     Base operating system
    812599     Opportunistic Locking May Not Be Granted If Windows Is Installed by Using Sysprep     Base operating system
    812680     DFS Manager Does Not Show DFS Roots     Base operating system
    812802     BackupRead() Cannot Read a File with a 0-Byte Alternate Data Stream     Base operating system
    813707     Only One Function Is Enumerated and a Code 10 Error Occurs in Device Manager When You Insert a Multifunction PC Card into a PCMCIA Slot     Base operating system
    813908     SCSI Pass-Through Mode Sense Command May Crash the Computer     Base operating system
    814017     Windows Does Not Detect a SCSI Device After a Surprise Removal     Base operating system
    814033     Cannot Install Driver Updates from the Windows Update Web Site     Base operating system
    814266     Windows Terminal Server Client Cannot Connect to the Terminal Server     Base operating system
    814484     FIX: Cannot Resume from Hibernation When Devices That Are Behind a USB 2.0 Hub Are Removed     Base operating system
    815028     List of Base Operating System Fixes in Windows 2000 Service Pack 4     Base operating system
    815140     Unknown Error Error Message When You Create a Backup Over Your Network     Base operating system
    815470     Your Windows 2000-Based Computers Stops Responding While You Work with Multiple Programs     Base operating system
    815484     Windows 2000 Stops Responding When You Press a Key to Bring Your Computer out of the Hibernate State     Base operating system
    815616     Clustered Disk Drive Letter Unexpectedly Changes     Base operating system
    815834     Code 28 Error Message and a Yellow Exclamation Mark Next to a USB Device in Device Manager After Your Computer Resumes from Hibernation     Base operating system
    815837     Computer May Experience a Stop 0x50 (Pool Corruption) Error in NT!ObGetObjectSecurity     Base operating system
    816036     Windows 2000 Crashes with a "Stop 0x000000d1" Error Message     Base operating system
    816488     Rate of Page-Zeroing Process Is Unexpectedly Slow     Base operating system
    816765     The Scsiport Driver May Not Read Registry Parameters That Are Specified for Miniport Drivers     Base operating system
    816990     FTDisk May Cause a "STOP Error 0x000000D1" Error Message When You Shut Down Your Computer     Base operating system
    817006     Windows 2000-Based Computer with NTFS Boot Disk Does Not Start and Appears Stuck in Loop     Base operating system
    817566     When Starting with Both the /PAE and /3GB Switches, the System May Not Start     Base operating system
    818194     You Receive a "KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED" Error Message     Base operating system
    281485     Name Collision in Active Directory Causes Replication Errors     Directory services
    300930     License Logging Service Decrements Licenses for Machine Accounts     Directory services
    304653     The Serial Number Is Decremented in DNS When You Reboot the Computer     Directory services
    312571     The Event Log Stops Logging Events Before Reaching the Maximum Log Size     Directory services
    314446     HasMasterNCs Attributes for Server Objects in the Configuration Container May Become Damaged     Directory services
    316042     Slow Connectivity to NetWare Resources     Directory services
    316430     Performance of Microsoft Commerce Server-based Programs May Degrade Over Time     Directory services
    318332     You Receive a "System Error 1230" Error Message When You Browse the Network     Directory services
    318443     Increase in DNS Zone Serial Numbers Causes Unnecessary Zone Transfers in Windows 2000     Directory services
    319325     The "IPCONFIG /SETCLASSID" Command Does Not Send the Class ID in the Options Field of the DHCP Information Packet     Directory services
    319460     A Netsh DHCP Import Does Not Import Configuration Information     Directory services
    319672     Directory Service Access Audits for a SAM Object Server Have Incomplete Object Names     Directory services
    319709     An Access Violation Occurs in Lsass Because of a Stack Overflow     Directory services
    319915     The Back Button Is Available in the Domain Screen During Automated Setup     Directory services
    320015     An Error Occurs in the ADSI Windows NT Provider When You Enumerate the Members of a Group by Using a Binding     Directory services
    320063     Dcdiag.exe Issues Incorrect "Topology Disconnected" Error Messages     Directory services
    320387     AT Command Stops Responding When You Try to List Scheduled Jobs     Directory services
    320677     You Cannot Collect DHCP Data by Using SNMP     Directory services
    320711     Accessing Active Directory with LDAP by Using Sun JNDI Calls May Not Work     Directory services
    320769     DNS Caching Behavior When You Use the "All" Query Type in Windows 2000     Directory services
    321064     Computer Hangs for 15 Seconds When You Use Your Zip Drive     Directory services
    321160     FTP Logging: Transferred Bytes Not Accurate When Transaction Aborted     Directory services
    321343     The Computer Hangs If You Call LockWorkstation() While a Screen Saver Is Running     Directory services
    321431     Possible Memory Leak in CDOSYS When You Use the IBodyPart Interface     Directory services
    321599     MS02-028: Heap Overrun in HTR Chunked Encoding Might Enable Web Server Compromise     Directory services
    321854     Only Members of the Administrators Group Can Retrieve the ntSecurityDescriptor Attribute from an IDirectorySearch Result Set     Directory services
    321867     Windows NT 4.0 Usrmgr.exe Does Not Display an Error Message When You Change a Password to a Weak Password     Directory services
    322599     DFS Client Computers Stop Responding when Disconnecting from a DFS Share     Directory services
    323256     Stop 0x50 Error Message When You Rename a Large Number of Files on Windows 2000     Directory services
    323589     The Repadmin Tool Returns LDAP Error 32     Directory services
    324102     DCOM Proxy Is Decoupled with Server Stub When It Looks for Binding Handle     Directory services
    324183     Access Violation in Spoolsv.exe GDI32!IcmInitIcmInfo in Windows 2000     Directory services
    324415     A Digital Audio Interface PC Card May Not Function Properly     Directory services
    324615     The TCP Connections Established Performance Counter Reports Incorrect Values on Multiprocessor Computers     Directory services
    325183     A Domain Administrator Receives an "Unable to Display Security Information" Error Message     Directory services
    325189     INFO: Truncated Results When Calling IDirectorySearch::GetNextRow     Directory services
    325571     Buffer Overrun in IIS When No Script Maps Exist     Directory services
    325919     Multihomed DHCP Clients May Cause "Bad_Address" Entry on a DHCP Server in Windows 2000     Directory services
    326333     Dump File Not Created Correctly with More Than Four GB of Memory and PAE Turned On     Directory services
    326564     Event ID 6008 Is Unexpectedly Logged to the System Event Log After You Shut Down and Restart Your Computer     Directory services
    326770     Password Change Does Not Work Over Remote Access\Radius Authentication     Directory services
    327542     WMI Event Registration Leak     Directory services
    327633     The SetUserProperty() Function Leaks Memory     Directory services
    328195     AutoShareServer Setting Cannot Prevent Administrative Shares on Cluster Nodes     Directory services
    328310     MS02-071: Flaw in Windows WM_TIMER Message Handling Can Enable Privilege Elevation     Directory services
    328417     Cannot Log On from a Macintosh Client After You Change Your Password     Directory services
    328566     The MaxPreloadEntries Registry Value Does Not Work and Defaults to 1,000 Entries     Directory services
    328567     An Access Violation Occurs When a Program Tries to Update Active Directory     Directory services
    328570     Windows 2000-Based Servers May Not Set the DNS Domain Name After You Upgrade a Domain     Directory services
    328693     IIS Out-of-Process Applications Stop Responding     Directory services
    328981     Error Message "An Attempt Was Made to Remember a Device That Had Previously Been Remembered" When You Log On     Directory services
    329394     Long Delays Occur When You Run Chkdsk.exe     Directory services
    329604     PostScript Print Jobs Containing Type-1 Multiple Master Metrics Fonts Are Not Printed     Directory services
    329726     A Deadlock Occurs in the Ndistapi Device     Directory services
    329772     Stop Error Occurs When You Start the Computer for the First Time     Directory services
    330306     Removable Storage May Not Refresh the Tape     Directory services
    330421     FIX: Isoch Callback Not Called or Error on Blue Screen Occurs When Starting Isoch Stream     Directory services
    331102     Disk.sys Causes an "0x0000001E" Error     Directory services
    331190     An OpenGL Screen Saver May Cause an Access Violation     Directory services
    331627     Terminal Services Client Cannot Obtain Terminal Services User Configuration From Domain Controller During Logon     Directory services
    331651     UPN Box in Active Directory Users and Computers Contains Corrupted Data     Directory services
    331907     DNS Serial Number Is Incremented During Zone Transfer     Directory services
    332199     Using the DCPROMO /FORCEREMOVAL Command to Force the Demotion of Active Directory Domain Controllers     Directory services
    810089     Cannot Promote New Global Catalog When Conflict Naming Contexts Exist     Directory services
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