JSI Tip 6834. A truly wonderful remote access and management application.

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Once in a great while, I discover an application which is heads above its' competition. OpalisRobot / OpalisRendezVous,     ScriptLogic,     UltraBac,   and    Ideal Administration / Ideal Migration   are some of these products.

Now that version 5.0 of   RemotelyAnywhere   is released, it joins this august club.

NOTE: JSI, Inc. will NOT be undersold on any of these products

\[RemotelyAnywhere\]     Version 5.0     

RemotelyAnywhere is in a class of its' own. In addition to classic remote control and file transfer, it provides a wealth of tools to manage the host.
RemotelyAnywhere is a clientless system, you access the host from your Web browser.
If the IP address of a host changes, RemotelyAnywhere can notify you by e-mail.

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RemotelyAnywhere offers the most advanced suite of systems tools that permit full remote control, access and administration of your PC or servers. With RemotelyAnywhere you can work from home or after hours with the full power and resources of your workplace computer; check email, access all the files and print documents.

System Administration

Full Remote Control

Server Maintenance and Diagnostics

Automated Task Scheduling, Monitoring and Scripting

Emergency Shutdown and Reboots

PDA and WAP Access

Help Desk and Support

Remote Diagnostics, Behind the Scenes Upgrades and Configuration

Built-in Chat





Additional Features

Mobile Workforce

Work from Home

Stay in Contact on the Road

Access Your Home PC from Work

System Administration

Full Remote Control from any Web-browser

Remote control the server - take over the mouse and the keyboard and view the screen - via a TCP/IP connection without any special client software. All you need is a Web browser.
· Manage files - copy, delete, and rename them. Assign or remove permissions. Upload or download any file from anywhere.
· RemotelyAnywhere is a small Windows 98/ME/2000/NT4/XP service with minimal hard disk and memory footprint.
· Closely integrates with Windows NT4 and 2000's security, and provide
· Secure Sockets Layer support for encrypted data transfers.
· Data is compressed before it is transferred so response times are incredible even over slow links.
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Server Maintenance & Diagnostics

See vital performance data, such as CPU and memory usage, open files, open IP ports, open registry keys, loaded DLLs, etc.
· View what processes are executing on the computer and what resources they are using. Terminate any process, including services.
· Manage services and drivers - start or stop them at will, or change their properties.
· Access the server using any Telnet client, or a Java applet that provides full console support, including mouse operations, and secure data transfers. Browse the event logs.
· Edit the registry.
· Manage users and groups.
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Automated Task Scheduling, Monitoring & Scripting

RemotelyAnywhere gives you fast access to Windows Task Scheduler.
· Define custom scripts using SMALL.
· Automate batch installation of RemotelyAnywhere on multiple machines.
· Scripts can generate interactive HTML output or run in the beginning.
· Scripts can be schedule to give you the maximum flexibility and performance from RemotelyAnywhere.
· Monitoring scripts can define actions that automatically respond to user-defined conditions.
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Emergency shutdown and reboots
· Reboot the remote computer with two clicks.
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PDA and WAP Access

Access your computer with any WAP device and perform the most crucial administrative tasks from truly anywhere.
· Fast and effective.
· Access you system from any computer or PDA with no client software required
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Help Desk

See PC Magazine - July 2002 - RemotelyAnywhere 4.10

Remote Diagnostics, Behind the Scenes Upgrades and Configuration

Fast and secure system diagnosis, monitoring and administration tools allows network maintenance from anywhere in the office
· Saves time and money during system crisis by eliminating administrators commute to control panel
· Increases time-to-solution
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Built-in Chat
· Query computer user about problems
· Demonstrate procedures simultaneous with administration
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Mobile Workforce

Work from Home

Work from home as effectively as you would from your office; Remote computer interface provides live visual duplicate of your network or PC desktop and file structure
· Never again worry about leaving important documents at the office; Transfer files, folders and directories between local and remotely accessed computers
· Access, send, and receive email
· 128-bit SSL or SSH encryption is the most secure in the industry
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Stay in contact on the road
· Access your PC or network from your hotel room, airport lounge, or any Internet café
· No client software needs to be installed
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Access your home PC from Work
· Never again worry about forgetting to bring in important documents you worked on overnight at home.
· Synchronize your home and office PC files and data.
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June 2003
PC Pro Recommended
PC Pro Recommended
VERDICT: The host with the most - it's simple to install and use and offers an impressive selection of valuable remote-support tools.

What's really cool with RemotelyAnywhere is its long list of administrative abilities. Through the Web browser, you're given basic data for the system to which you connect. You can then pick from another set of options, including Administration. At that point, you can select any number of options, including…

RemotelyAnywhere was the remote control solution which impressed us most. The product permits the remote administration of systems under Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows-2000, Windows ME and Windows-9x with a Web Browser. Web-based remote control makes possible also control IT… (Translated with BabelFish: http://babelfish.altavista.com/)

RemotelyAnywhere offers impressive reporting features for monitoring disk space, CPU, memory and network performance. Because the program may automatically load at Windows start-up, you can safely reboot the remote machine.

Get a trial version of RemotelyAnywhere.

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NOTE: JSI, Inc. will NOT be undersold on any of these products.

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