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JSI Tip 6819. BrowserAid and/or the Discussions feature cause Windows Update and Internet Explorer problems?

If you have BrowserAid and/or the Internet Explorer Discussion Bar is enabled, you may experience any of the following when you use the Windows Update site:

- The scan for updates completes and the scan restarts, and completes, and restarts, etc....

- When you select an item to download and install, the scan starts again, possibly in a window within the window.

- The scan for updates never completes.

- Internet Explorer hangs, and/or other Internet Explorer sessions may hang, causing data loss during file transfer.

To remove the Discussion Bar:

1. Close all Internet Explorer Windows.

2. Open Internet Explorer.

3. Use the View menu to expand Explorer Bar.

4. Press Discuss to remove the check mark.

5. Visit Windows Update. When you are finished, you can enable the Discussion Bar.

NOTE: You will have to disable the Discussion Bar prior to re-visiting the Windows Update site.

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