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JSI Tip 6777. 'Please check your Content Advisor settings for missing information'?

When you start Internet Explorer, you receive:

Content Advisor Please check your Content Advisor settings for missing information. Click the Tools menu and then click Internet Options. On the Content tab check the Content Advisor settings.

If you follow the instructions, they don't work after a restart.

It is likely that you have a damaged Ratings.pol file, or that a hidden Ratings.pol file exists in the %SystemRoot% folder.

To resolve this issue:

01. Exit all instances of Internet Explorer.

02. If a Ratings.pol file exists in the %SystemRoot% folder, delete it.

03. Start Internet Explorer.

04. Press Cancel to dismiss the error message.

05. On the Tools menu, press Internet Options.

06. Select the Content tab.

07. Press the Settings button.

08. Type the Supervisor password and press OK.

09. Set the ratings options you desire and press OK.

10. Exit Internet Explorer.

11. Start Internet Explorer for the new settings to take effect.

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