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JSI Tip 6773. The Download button is dimmed after selecting components from Windows Update using Windows NT 4.0 with Internet Explorer 6.0?

To fix the subject behavior:

01. Open Internet Explorer and press Tools.

02. Press Internet Options.

03. Select the General tab.

04. Press Delete Files in the Temporary Internet Files area.

05. In the History area, press Clear History.

06. Press OK.

07. Open Windows Explorer.

08. Navigate to and expand the Program Files folder.

09. Expand the WindowsUpdate folder and delete everything except the Wuhistv3.log file.

10. Close all instances of Internet Explorer.

11. Open a CMD.EXE prompt and run the following command:

regsvr32 /u %SystemRoot%\system32\wuv3is.dll

12. Type DEL /Q %SystemRoot%\system32\wuv3is.dll.

13. Download the Windows Script 5.6.1 by visiting and pressing the Download link. Save this Scr56en.exe file to a folder or your Desktop.

14. Double-click the Scr56en.exe file to begin the installation.

15. Restart your computer when the installation finishes.

NOTE: When you visit Windows Update, a blank page, or an error similar to Done, but with errors on page, indicates that the VBScript installation was unsuccessful or became corrupted. If this occurs, repeat steps 01 - 15.

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