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JSI Tip 6745. Introduction to Shadow Copies of Shared Folders.

The Introduction to Shadow Copies of Shared Folders page contains:


Studies have shown that human error—primarily accidental file deletion or modification—causes over one-third of all data loss. For the average business, whether a small, medium, or enterprise organization, the impact of lost data is at the least an inconvenience and at the worst a critical blow that can jeopardize daily operations.

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 includes Shadow Copies of Shared Folders to help prevent inadvertent loss of data. Shadow Copies of Shared Folders helps alleviate data loss by creating shadow copies of files or folders that are stored on network file shares at predetermined time intervals. A shadow copy is essentially a previous version of the file or folder at a specific point in time.

This white paper, written for IT architects and system administrators, describes the functionality of Shadow Copies of Shared Folders the fundamentals of how to design a shadow copy strategy, and the basic steps for setting up and using Shadow Copies of S hared Folders on both servers and clients.

Included in This Document

  • Client Usage Scenarios
  • What Shadow Copies of Shared Folders Can Do
  • IT Usage Scenarios
  • Setup for Servers
  • How Shadow Copy Works
  • Designing a Shadow Copy Strategy
  • Setup for Clients

NOTE: Click to download SCR.doc.

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