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JSI Tip 6724. CTDiff freeware allows you to synchronize sets of directories.

Download, extract the files from the archive, and copy them to a folder in your path.

The ReadMe.txt file contains:


CTDiff by Controtex Ltd

======================================================= This file provides information about CTDiff and essential installation procedures. Contents: 1. WHAT IS IT 2. HOW TO USE 3. INSTALLATION 4. PRICES 5. CONTACT 1 What is it? -------------- CTDiff is an utility application which allows you to synchronize set of directories. CTDiff compares two or more directories and reports on their contents checking file names and dates. This utility is extremely useful for the network administrators who are required to synchronize e.g. system32 directories, or Program File or similar. 2. How to use ---------------- The list view displays selected directories to compare. Following functionality available: CTDiff compares the dates and times of files in several different directories and presents the results in a multi-column list showing all the files found and their date and time in each of the directories. CTDiff has two main screens. On the first, you tell CTDiff the names of the columns and the location of the associated directory, then click the Compare button to perform the comparison. The results are then presented in a second window. The result window is a listbox showing the filenames found across all the specified directories, and a column for each directory showing the file's date and time. The list also shows a 'difference' icon for files that are identical across all directories, those that are identical but not present in all of the directories, and those that are not the same in all the directories. You can sort the results by name, by file extension, or by difference. After double clicking on the filename, the additional screen is shown with more details. The result list can be exported directly to Microsoft Excel for further analysis or printing, and a batch file can be produced containing copy commands to update the directories to contain the latest files. Directory lists can be saved in .xdf files for future use. 3. Installation ---------------- Download .zip file from our web site. Unzip, and copy the files to a folder in your path. 4. Prices ---------------- Freeware. 5. Contact ---------------- Please send any suggestions, comments or bug reports to [email protected]

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