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JSI Tip 6720. Event 105, 'Could not get the list of assigned applications for this user'?

Published or assigned applications may be removed, or may not function properly, and your event log contains:

Event ID: 105
Source: Application Mgmt
Description: Could not get the list of assigned applications for this user. The error was 80040168.

NOTE: The error number may be different.

This problem is most often the result of a configuration problem with Active Directory.

If you changed a domain computer to a standalone computer, the links to the published application would stop working.

To resolve this error:

1. Determine what applications were published to the user.

2. Verify that the programs still work and that the user account and computer account are properly configured in the domain.

3. Look for changes made to the domain, computer, and user profile prior to the time of the event.

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