JSI Tip 6677. How can I use the Windows 2000 Recovery Console to modify Boot.ini?

If you can't boot Windows 2000 because the C:\Boot.ini file has an incorrect entry, and you don't have a Boot Floppy, you may think you are stuck because the Windows 2000 Recovery Console doesn't support the Bootcfg command, and it doesn't support editing.

NOTE: You have failed to Allow floppy copy and access to all drives and all folders, so you can't copy it to a floppy for editing on another computer.

You can use the Batch command to write a copy of Boot.ini to a floppy.

The Batch command syntax is:

Batch Inputfile \[Outputfile\]

To create a copy of C:\Boot.ini on a floppy:

1.Create a Bootini.txt file, on another computer, that contains:

type c:\boot.ini

2. Save the Bootini.txt file to a floppy disk.

3. Boot the Recovery Console.

4. Type:

batch a:\bootini.txt a:\badini.txt

Since you are creating the a:\badini.txt file and NOT copying it, the Allow floppy copy and access to all drives and all folders does NOT apply.

Fix the a:\badini.txt file on another computer, and use the Recovery Console to copy it over the incorrect C:\Boot.ini.

NOTE: If you knew the ARC Path, operating system folder, and required switches, you could just create a new Boot.ini without having to perform the export.

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