JSI Tip 6605. The Make Available Offline command is not on the File menu?

When you attempt to use the Make Available Offline command on the File menu, to set up files for offline use, the command is missing?

This command will only appear if the computer is configured to use offline files.

To configure the computer to use offline files:

1. Double-click My Computer.

2. On the Tools menu, press Folder Options.

3. Select the Offline Files tab.

4. Check the Enable Offline Files box.

5. Press Apply and OK.

To make a file or folder available offline:

1. Double-click My Computer.

2. In the folder tree, select the network folder that contains the file you want to make available off line.

3. In the contents pane, select the file that you want to make available off line.

4. On the File menu, press Make Available Offline.

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