JSI Tip 6584. When you attempt to promote your server, you receive 'RPC Server is too busy' and event 1723?

When you run DCPromo.exe, the Active Directory Installation Wizard, you receive:

RPC Server is too busy.

The DCPromo.log file contains information similar to:

07/11 12:43:30 \[INFO\] Configuring the local server to host the Directory Service
07/11 12:43:36 \[INFO\] Replicating the Directory Service schema container
07/11 12:43:41 \[INFO\] Error - The Directory Service failed to replicate the partition CN=Schema,CN=Configuration,DC=ds,DC=<domain>,DC=<com> from remote server <ServerName>.<Domain>.<com>. (1723)
07/11 12:43:42 \[INFO\] NtdsInstall for <ServerName>.<Domain>.<com> returned 1723
07/11 12:43:42 \[INFO\] DsRolepInstallDs returned 1723

If the time on the server being promoted is NOT within 5 minutes of the time on the domain controller that will provide the Active Directory information, you will experience this behavior.

NOTE: The Kerberos protocol requires that these servers have time settings that are within 5 minutes of each other.

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