JSI Tip 6482. Your Internet Connection Sharing modem does NOT automatically disconnect?

When a Windows 2000 ICS client quits the program that established a connection through the shared modem of an ICS host, the connection does NOT automatically disconnect.

This behavior is by design. With ICS, you cannot configure a modem to automatically disconnect when you quit a program on the client computer that uses the connection.

To workaround this behavior, on the ICS host:

1. Start / Settings / Network and Dial-Up Connections.

2. Right-click the connection and press Properties.

3. Select the Options tab.

4. Change the Idle time before hanging up box (under Redialing options) to a time to wait before before the connection disconnects.

NOTE: See Description of Internet Connection Sharing.

NOTE: See tip 4151 ยป How do I setup ICS on Windows 2000?

NOTE: See How do I enable Internet Connection Sharing on a network connection in Windows 2000?

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