JSI Tip 6409. Advanced query strings for Windows Media Player.

Microsoft Knowledge Base Article 315959 contains the following summary:

There are certain switches that you can use with Windows Media Player to assist you in troubleshooting issues. These switches are added in the form of a query string to the end of a requested URL.

WMThinning : Enables or disables Windows Media Player to automatically thin if network conditions dictate.

Values: 0 (Disable) or 1 (Enable)
WMBitrate : Sets the maximum connection speed (BPS) that Windows Media Player can use.

Values: Positive DWORD value
WMContentBitrate : Explicitly sets the bit rate of the content to be received (BPS).

Values: Positive DWORD value
WMReconnect : Sets the number of times that Windows Media Player will try to automatically reconnect to content.

Values: Positive integer
WMCache : Enables or disables Windows Media Player client caching and progressive streaming.

Values: 0 (Disable) or 1 (Enable)
WMFecSpan : Sets the Forward Error Correction (FEC) span.

Values: Positive DWORD value
WMFecPktsPerSpan : Sets the number of packets in a FEC span.

Values: Positive DWORD value

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