JSI Tip 6380. Securing Windows 2000 Server.

The Securing Windows 2000 Server page contains:

The Securing Windows 2000 Server solution is delivered in eleven chapters, plus a Test Guide, a Delivery Guide, and a Support Readiness Guide, each with applicable job aids, script files, and test cases.


Securing Windows 2000 Server provides customers with comprehensive information and analysis tools to assess security risks specific to Windows 2000 Servers. By using the principles of MSF and MOF, and by applying the lessons of the Security Risk Management Discipline, customers learn how to identify the threats and vulnerabilities that exist within their organization and determine which risks have the most potential impact on their domain infrastructure. Recommendations regarding the use of IPSEC filters to fully lock down specific server roles are also provided. In addition, the solution incorporates material on Patch Management, Auditing and Intrusion Detection, and Responding to Incidents from the Windows 2000 Security Operations Guide.

System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 2000
Adobe Acrobat Reader

Here is page 3 of the guide:

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