JSI Tip 6292. How can I cause Windows Explorer to record the full path of an object I right-click?

In tip 3216, I stated that the Send to X 1.4 PowerToy, which works in Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and probably all future releases, can:

Send To Any Folder - Copy the object to another folder.
Send To Clipboard As Contents   - Copy the contents of a file to the clipboard.
Send To Clipboard As Name - Copy the path of an object to the clipboard.
Send To Command Line - Copy the path of an object to the Run dialog.

If you wish to add a SendPathToLog to your %userprofile%\SendTo folder:

1. Use Windows Explorer or My Computer to navigate to your %userprofile%\SendTo folder.

2. Use File / New / Shortcut to invoke the Create Shortcut Wizard.

3. Set the Type the location of this item box to cmd.exe and press Next.

4. Set the Type a name for this shortcut box to SendPathToLog and press Finish.

5. Right-click the SendPathToLog shortcut and press Properties.

6. On the Shortcut tab, set the Target box to:

%comspec% /cecho>>"%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\SendPathToLog.log"

7. Set the Run drop-down to Minimized.

8. Optionally, press Change Icon.

Every time you right-click an object, press Send To, and SendPathToLog, the properly quoted path is appended to the "%USERPROFILE%\My Documents\SendPathToLog.log" file.

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