JSI Tip 6291. How do I statically map a computer in My Network Places?

NOTE: See How do I troubleshoot missing computers in My Network Places?

If your My Network Places does NOT display all the computers on your network, you can statically map them.

To statically map a computer in My Network Places:

1. Open My Network Places.

2. Press the Search button.

3. Type a computer name into the Computer Name text box and press Search Now.

4. If the computer is NOT found, exit this procedure.

5. Drag the search results to the right-hand pane of another My Network Places Window.

6. If you are prompted with:

        You cannot move or copy this item to this location.
        Do you want to create a shortcut to the item instead?

    Press Yes.

NOTE: You can copy these shortcuts to other users "%UserProfile%\NetHood" folders.

NOTE: If you expand these computer shortcuts, you will see the shares that are available.

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