JSI Tip 6268. The 'List in the directory' printer property is NOT automatically checked for some new printers?

The subject behavior may occur if all of the following are true:

- Your print server has a large number of printers.

- You remotely create additional printers using a script.

NOTE: This behavior occurs even if Group Policy is set to automatically publish printers in Active Directory.

To workaround this behavior, use the Prncfg.vbs script from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit:

cscript prncfg.vbs -s -b "\\PrinterServerName\PrinterNameToBePublished" +published

NOTE: You can use +published with other parameters.

NOTE: When you remotely publish a printer, event 36 is logged in the System log of the print server. If the List in the directory property is not set, event 42 - PrinterName was successfully unpublished will be logged.

NOTE: If you experience this behavior, the following methods still publish new printers:

- You use the GUI.

- You run the same script locally on the print server.

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