JSI Tip 6267. Fatal System Error: 0x000000C4 - DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION (c4)?

Windows XP BSODs with:

*** Fatal System Error: 0x000000C4 (0x00001003, 0xaaaaaaaa, 0xbbbbbbbb, 0xcccccccc)


You have Driver Verifier configured with Deadlock Detection and a filter driver, probably Norton AntiVirus, is installed.

To resolve this behavior:

1. Start / Run / Verifier / OK.

2. Check Display Existing Settings and press Next.

3. If Deadlock Detection is No, press Finish and look for another solution.

4. Press Back.

5. Check Create Custom Settings and press Next.

6. Check Select Individual settings from a full list and press Next.

7. Check the options you wish to enable and press Next.

8. If you checked:

        Automatically select all drivers installed on this computer, press Finish.

        Select driver names from a list, press Next and select the driver(s). Press Finish when you have completed selecting the drivers.

NOTE: Use caution when configuring Driver Verifier.

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