JSI Tip 6240. How do I cause a line break in a 'net send' message?

If you wish to net send a message with a line break, insert a CTRL+T or an ALT + numeric keyboard 2 + 0 in the message.


net send jerry Line1 ^TLine2 ^TLine3

where ^T is the CTRL+T or ALT + numeric keyboard 2 + 0.

NOTE: The in the line set msg=%msg%%1 in the following tips is a hexadecimal 14, the equivalent of ALT + numeric keyboard 2 + 0:

Tip 1024. NET SEND a text file.

Tip 1025. NET SEND a text file to the members of a domain group.

Tip 4368. How do I 'net send' the contents of a text file to the users defined in 'group' file?

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