JSI Tip 6173. How do I delete and re-create a primary partition without affecting data on logical drives in an extended partition?

To use the subject procedure, you must have:

  • A current ERD (Emergency Repair Disk).
  • A Windows 9x or MS-DOS boot disk that contains FDisk.exe and Format.com.
  • A Windows 2000 CD-ROM, and possibly Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks.
  • Only basic, NOT dynamic disks.
  • A backup of any data that you wish to preserve on the primary partition

To delete and re-create a primary partition:

01. Boot the Windows 2000 CD-ROM or Setup Floppy disk.

02. When Setup finds the previous installation of Windows 2000, press N to install a fresh copy.

03. Follow the steps in Windows 2000 Setup until it displays the existing partitions and unallocated space.

04. Select the drive C partition and press D to delete it. When warned that this is a system partition, press L to delete it.

05. When Setup displays the existing partitions and free space, it list the previous C partition as Unpartitioned space. Select this Unpartitioned space and press C to create a new partition.

06. Press Enter to confirm the maximum size for the partition. Setup now displays this space as drive C, New (Unformatted).

07. Press F3 to exit Setup.

08. Boot the W9x or MS-DOS boot floppy

09. At the DOS prompt, type fdisk and press Enter.

10. Press Y to confirm large disk access.

11. Select option 2 and set the drive C as Active.

12. Press ESC, ESC, and ESC to exit fdisk.

13. Use the boot disk to restart the computer.

14. At the DOS prompt, type format c: and press Enter.

15. Press Enter to confirm the format.

16. When the format is complete, type the volume label and press Enter, or just press Enter.

17. Type fdisk /mbr and press Enter.

18. Use the Windows 2000 CD or the Windows 2000 Setup floppy disks to restart the computer. When prompted, press R.

19.Press R again to repair your installation of Windows 2000.

20. Press F to perform a Fast Repair, inserting the ERD, and pressing Enter.

21. When the repair is complete, remove the floppy disk and restart normally.

22. If required, open a CMD prompt and type convert C: /fs=ntfs and press Enter.

23. Restore any required data.

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