JSI Tip 6107. Software deployment using Windows 2000 and Systems Management Server 2.0 white paper.

The Software Deployment Using Windows 2000 and Systems Management Server 2.0 white paper contains:


This white paper explains the positioning of the desktop and system management features in the Microsoft® Windows® 2000 platform and in Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0. It also provides a comparison of the features in each product and the key questions involved in determining which technology is appropriate for use in any given organization. Additional resources are referenced for further technical details.

Systems management products for Microsoft Windows operating systems have historically been provided as separate products only, independent of the operating systems themselves. To improve the quality of management services in general, more management infrastructure services have been incorporated into the Windows 2000 operating system. Providing management infrastructure services in the operating system also allows a wider scale of products providing management solutions to be developed, increasing the range of options available for organizations. The primary management solutions provided with the Windows 2000 platform that address traditional systems and desktop management are Remote OS Installation, which is used for automating the deployment of new installations of the Windows 2000 Professional operating system, and IntelliMirror®, a set of features that provide user settings management, user data management, and software deployment.

As a product available separately from specific Windows operating system releases, Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS) 2.0 also provides management solutions. SMS 2.0 is designed to provide advanced systems management solutions across multiple Windows versions, including Windows 2000, and to use the management infrastructure services that are available in the versions of the Windows operating system it supports. As new SMS versions are developed, they are designed to take advantage of new infrastructure services as they become native in or available on larger percentages of Windows-based systems in use.

Both products—the Windows 2000 platform and SMS 2.0—provide important management solutions. This white paper is designed to:

  • Help detail the relationship of the two products.
  • Compare the solutions each provides.
  • Show how to choose which solutions and features are right for use in a given organization.

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