JSI Tip 6103. Freeware Microsoft Print Migrator version 3.0.

I introduced PrintMig from the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit Supplement 4. The Program is also available in the Windows 2000 Resource Kit and Supplement One.

Microsoft has released Print Migrator 3.1 as a freeware download. The download page contains:

Microsoft Print Migrator 3.1 is the latest update to this printer migration tool. Version 3.1 brings support for three new features to the corporate print environment:

Support for migrating to different Windows Server versions. (e.g. Windows NT 4.0 to Windows 2000 Server or Windows .NET Server 2003).
Support for print servers running Microsoft Cluster Services.
Conversion options to move LPR Ports to Standard TCP/IP Port Monitor ports (SPM).

Print Migrator 3.1 continues support for command-line usage, making it easily scriptable as part of a standard backup routine.

The Print Migrator 3.1 help file is also available for download.

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