JSI Tip 6097. Windows 2000 SP3 has an incorrect Microsoft Knowledge Base article number in the update.inf file?

The Windows 2000 update.inf contains an incorrect entry in the \[Strings\] section.

It references Q282522, which is a list of SP2 fix. It should reference Q320853.

This error does NOT effect functionality and can be ignored.

If you are compulsive, and SP3 is installed:

1. Use the Regedit to navigate to:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates\Windows 2000\SP3\Q282522.

2. Right-click Q282522 and Rename it to Q320853.

If SP3 is NOT yet installed:

1. Open a CMD prompt.

2. Switch to the folder that contains the W2ksp3.exe file.

3. Type w2ksp3.exe -x and press Enter.

4. Choose a folder to extract the files to.

5. Switch to the <Folder from step 4>\I386\update folder.

6. Double-click the update.inf file to Open it.

7. Locate Q282522 in the \[Strings\] section and change it to Q320853.

8. Save and close the Update.inf file.

9. To install SP3, disable any anti-virus, or other file system filter software, and then double-click update.exe.

NOTE: See tip 5577.

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