JSI Tip 6086. Quality of Service Technical White Paper.

The Quality of Service Technical White Paper contains:

Within the past few years, there has been a rapid growth in network traffic. New applications, particularly multimedia applications, have placed increasing demands on networks, straining their ability to provide customers with a satisfactory experience. In answer to this situation, numerous mechanisms have surfaced for providing quality of service (QoS) networks.

During the past several years, numerous mechanisms have surfaced for providing quality of service (QoS) networks. The ultimate goal of these mechanisms is to provide improved network 'service' to the applications at the edges of the network. This white paper reviews emerging QoS mechanisms and how they are integrated to optimize the utilization of network resources. It then specifically discusses Microsoft's QoS mechanisms.

Organization of this document

Chapters 2 and 3 define network QoS and introduce the basic QoS technologies available.
Chapter 4 discusses the varying levels of guarantees that can be expected from a QoS-enabled network and the tradeoffs that can be expected in providing them.
Chapters 5 and 6 introduce a sample network incorporating the QoS mechanisms discussed and describe how the various mechanisms can be integrated to provide end-to-end QoS functionality.
Chapter 7 describes the application of policies in the QoS-enabled network.
Chapter 8 describes Microsoft's QoS components in detail.
Chapter 9 describes the current level of support for various QoS mechanisms in generally available third party network equipment.
Chapter 10 includes references to Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) documents describing the QoS mechanisms discussed in this white paper.

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