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JSI Tip 6080. How do I get a MS-DOS program to PRINT SCREEN to a printer when running on Windows 2000?

In tip 0307, we were able to get a MS-DOS program to PRINT SCREEN to a printer when running on Windows NT 4.0.

When you use the PRINT SCREEN keys in Windows 2000, the contents of the desktop are copied to the clipboard.

There are 3 possible solutions you can try:

Method 1

1. Create a shortcut to the MS-DOS program.

2. Right-click the shortcut and press Properties.

3. Use the Misc tab to clear the PrtSc and Alt+PrtSc boxes.

4. Press Apply and OK.

5. To run the program, double-click the shortcut icon.

6. To PRINT SCREEN to the default printer, press and release the ALT key and then press the PRINT SCREEN key.

NOTE: If the MS-DOS program is designed to respond to the ALT key, method 1 will NOT work.

NOTE: Holding down the ALT key as you press PRINT SCREEN directs the output to the clipboard.

NOTE: Since there is no form feed generated, you may have to repeat this operation several times.

Method 2

1. Create a .pif file on a Windows 9x computer.

2. Configure the options on the .pif file.

3. Select the Close Window on Exit box.

4. Copy the .pif file to the Windows 2000 computer.

5. Open the Properties of the .pif file.

6. Adjust the path and working directory for the Windows 2000 computer.

Method 3

1. Copy Pifedit.exe and Pifedit.hlp from a Windows 3.1 computer.

2. Use Pifedit.exe to configure the path and working directory.

3. Select the PrtSc and Alt+PrtSc boxes (under Reserve Shortcut Keys).

4. Save the .pif file and exit Pifedit.exe.

5. Right-click the .pif file and press Properties.

6. Select the Misc tab.

7. Clear the PrtSc and Alt+PrtSc boxes.

NOTE: Once created, you cannot use Pifedit.exe to modify the .pif file. You must use the Properties dialog. If you try to use Pifedit.exe, you receive:

PIF is too large to load. Check to ensure the file is a PIF.

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