JSI Tip 6077. Windows 2000 Kerberos interoperability and authentication white paper.

"These white papers provide introductory information about how the Microsoft Windows 2000 operating system implements the Kerberos version 5 authentication protocol and examines integrating Windows 2000 Kerberos support with other non-Windows realms and services. By default, Windows 2000 adopts Kerberos as the protocol for network authentication.

Kerberos is an emerging standard. It provides a foundation for interoperability and enhances the security of enterprise-wide network authentication."

Windows 2000 Kerberos Authentication

"This paper includes detailed explanations of important concepts, architectural elements, and features of Kerberos authentication, and includes information about the following topics:

Overview of the Kerberos Protocol.
Kerberos Components in Windows 2000.
Authorization Data.
Interactive Logon.
Remote Logon.

Windows 2000 Kerberos Interoperability

"This paper describes common scenarios for interoperability between Windows 2000 and other Kerberos implementations and includes information about the following topics:

Kerberos Basics
Interoperability Scenarios
Implementation Approaches

Note: This paper presumes a basic knowledge of the Kerberos protocol."

Download the Windows 2000 Kerberos Authentication white paper.

Download the Windows 2000 Kerberos Interoperability white paper.

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