JSI Tip 6060. Troubleshooting Group Policy in Windows 2000 white paper.

Download the gptshoot.doc white paper.

I quote:

This white paper explains how IT administrators can troubleshoot Group Policy. It includes sections on using command line tools, accessing and using logs, common troubleshooting scenarios, solving software installation issues, checklists for troubleshooting, and best practices. This advanced level paper assumes readers are familiar with the fundamentals of Group Policy. It includes the following sections:

  • Understanding Group Policy. This points to other white papers providing background information and details needed as a prerequisite to troubleshooting Group Policy.
  • Using Group Policy troubleshooting tools. This documents how to use tools and other resources for troubleshooting Group Policy.
  • Monitoring Group Policy with log files. This shows how you can use log files to monitor and troubleshoot Group Policy.
  • Solving common problems in Group Policy. This provides step-by-step checklists for solving common issues in Group Policy.
  • Troubleshooting Group Policy Software Installation. This explains how to respond to common issues including checklists to pinpoint problems.
  • Best Practices. This provides general guidelines to minimize troubleshooting.

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