JSI Tip 6043. 'The procedure entry point LSAOpenPolicySec could not be located in Dynamic Link Library ADVAPI32.dll' after applying the Q299687 Windows 2000 Security Hotfix?

After you apply the Q299687 Windows 2000 Security hotfix, you receive:

The procedure entry point LSAOpenPolicySec could not be located in Dynamic Link Library ADVAPI32.dll

One minute later, the computer shuts down.

This problem is caused by a corrupted hotfix.

To fix the problem:

01. Boot the Windows 2000 CD-ROM or Setup floppy disks.

02. When the Welcome to Setup screen appears, press R to repair the installation.

03. Press C to start the Recovery Console.

04. Type the installation number that you wish to repair and press Enter.

05. Type the administrator password that you provided when you installed Windows 2000 and press Enter.

06. Type cd C:\winnt\system32 and press Enter, where C:\Winnt is the location where Windows 2000 is installed.

07. Type the following commands, pressing Enter after each command:

ren advapi32.dll advapi32.dll.old
ren Instlsa5.dll Instlsa5.old 
ren Kdcsvc.dll Kdcsvc.old
ren Kerberos.dll Kerberos.old
ren Ksecdd.sys Ksecdd.old
ren Lsasrv.dll Lsasrv.old
ren Lsass.exe Lsass.old
ren Ntdsa.dll Ntdsa.old
ren Samsrv.dll Samsrv.old
ren Scecli.dll Scecli.old
ren Scesrv.dll Scesrv.old
08. Type the following commands, pressing Enter after each command:
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\advapi32.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Instlsa5.dll 
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Kdcsvc.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Kerberos.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Ksecdd.sys
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Lsasrv.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Lsass.exe
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Ntdsa.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Samsrv.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Scecli.dll
copy c:\winnt\$NtUninstallQ299687$\Scesrv.dll
09. Type exit and press Enter to restart your Windows 2000 Server.

10. Logon with administrative privileges.

11. Control Panel / Add/Remove Programs.

12. Select the Windows 2000 Hotfix (Pre-SP3)\[See Q299687 for more information\] entry and press Change/Remove.

13. Use the on-screen instructions to remove the hotfix.

14. Restart your computer.

15. Logon with administrative priveleges.

16. Download the Q299687 Windows 2000 Security hotfix.

17. Make sure that no one is connected to the server.

18. Exit all programs.

19. Stop any unnecessary services.

20. Double-click the file that you downloaded in step 16.

21. Restart your server.

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