JSI Tip 6026. When you restore a Windows 2000 System State, network adapters may be missing or are incorrect?

In tip 2102, I detailed the Plug & Play values of NTBackup's KeysNotToRestore sub-key.

Unfortunately, this default setting causes only part of the Plug and Play database to be restored, leaving the database in an inconsistent state. This may cause missing network adapters or adapters with incorrect names, and new WAN miniport L2TP entries in Device Manager.

To fix this problem, manually delete all the incorrect entries and have Device Manager redetect the hardware.

To cause future backups and restores to function in this regard:

1. On every Windows 2000 computer that will ever back up the System State, or be used to restore it, use Regedt32 to navigate to:


2. Double-click the Plug & Play Value Name, a REG_MULTI_SZ data type.

3. Click in the Multi-String Editor window to de-select the data.

4. Delete the CurrentControlSet\Enum\ data value, leaving only CurrentControlSet\Control\CriticalDeviceDatabase\.

5. Press OK.

6. Exit Regedt32.

NOTE: Back ups taken prior to this change will NOT properly restore the Plug and Play database.

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