JSI Tip 5932. The Group Policy snap-in displays many different languages?

If you open a Group Policy snap-in on a computer that has the multilanguage version of Microsoft Windows 2000 and you try to administer a domain with a different localized version, you may see multiple languages displayed in the snap-in?

This 'feature' is the result of altering or substituting an .adm file at %SystemRoot%\System32\GroupPolicy.

To workaround this behavior:

1. In the snap-in, right-click Administrative Templates and press Add/Remove Templates.

2. Remove all the the templates.

3. Add the templates back in.

NOTE: The .adm files are stored in two different locations:

- The localized versions are at the %SystemRoot%\System32\GroupPolicy starting path.

- %SystemRoot%\Sysvol\Domain\Policy\\{GUID\} roams with the user's environment.

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