JSI Tip 5905. The screen resolution is incorrect when you attach an external display device to a multi-headed display adapter in Windows 2000?

When you connect an external display device whose maximum resolution is less than the primary display device, to a multi-headed display adapter in Windows 2000, the screen resolution in Display Properties will be incorrect if the dual view feature is turned on to make the secondary monitor an exact duplicate of the primary monitor.

Windows 2000 does NOT support dual-view on a multi-headed video adapter.

NOTE: Third party drivers may support dual-view on a multi-head video adapter.

To workaround this missing feature:

1. Right-click a blank area of the desktop and press Properties.

2. Press Settings / Advanced / Monitor.

3. Clear the Hide modes that this monitor cannot display box.

4. On the Adapter tab, press List All Modes.

5. Select the resolution and color depth you want and press Test. If the display is correct, press OK and Apply.

NOTE: If the resolution becomes 640x480x256 when you close the Display Properties, reset it to the appropriate settings.

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