JSI Tip 5901. Windows Media Player cannot play this file?

When you try to play an audio CD in Windows Media Player, you receive:

Windows Media Player cannot play this file. Connect to the internet or insert the removable media on which the file is located then try to play the file again.

If your Windows Media Library index file is corrupted, you will receive this error.

To create a new library index file:

1. Remove any audio CDs and close Windows Media Player.

2. Search for the Wmplibrary_v_0_12.db file. On my computer, it is located at C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Media Index, where Application Data is a hidden folder.

3. Right-click the Wmplibrary_v_0_12.db file and Rename it to Wmplibrary_v_0_12.OLD.

4. Insert an audio CD and start Windows Media Player.

5. Windows Media Player will recreate the library index file.

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