JSI Tip 5900. Freeware multi-platform remote control over a secure channel.

PointDev, the makers of Advanced Ideal Administration and Ideal Migration, has provided a single setup for TightVNC and ZeBeDee.

After downloading and double-clicking the IA_TightVNC_Zebedee.exe file to install the programs on a client and server, I read the Start / Programs / PointDev / GPL / Installation and configuration of TightVNC + Zebedee documentation. I was able to establish a secure connection from my laptop to my server, over the internet, providing access to the server desktop, and through it, my entire LAN, in under 5 minutes.

NOTE: I enabled Allow only Loopback at Start / Programs / Poindev / GPL / TightVNC / Administration / Show Default Settings / Advanced.

NOTE: On the client, I created a shortcut to a batch file that contains (nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn is the IP address of the 'server'):

@echo on
CD /d "C:\Program Files\Pointdev\Zebedee"
Zebedee.exe -f VncViewer.zbd nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn:5900
CD C:\

NOTE: I did have to open "C:\Program Files\Pointdev\Zebedee\vncviewer.zbd" on the client and change the last line to

command '"C:\Program Files\Pointdev\TightVNC\VncViewer.exe" localhost:%d'.

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