JSI Tip 5852. Your Windows wallpaper changes during logoff?

When you log off a Windows workstation, your background (wallpaper) changes?

There are two types of background in newer versions of Microsoft Windows, the regular bitmap background and the Active Desktop background, which is layered over the regular bitmap background.

NOTE: See tip 3259 » Windows 2000 Wallpaper policy.

During logoff the Active Desktop background is turned off, leaving the last selected bitmap background.

By default, when log off is complete, the background disappears because wallpaper is a user settings.

NOTE: See tip 2726 » How do I change the background bitmap on the logon screen?

You could:

1. Use Control Panel /Display to select None on the Background tab.

2. Use Control Panel /Display to select the Web tab and uncheck the Show Web content on my Active Desktop box.

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