JSI Tip 5788. When you install a newer version of Mfc42u.dll on Windows NT, the Mpradmin.exe tool stops responding?

When you use the Windows NT RRAS Administration tool (Mpradmin.exe) and select the Area tab on the OSPF Properties dialog, the program hangs. You may also receive:

Dr. Watson
Access Violation (0xc0000005), Address: 0x7902112b.

If the default %SystemRoot%\System32\Mfc42u.dll file is replaced with a newer version, possibly as a result of installing an application, this problem may occur.

NOTE: Consider this problem generic, in that other programs, on other operating systems, can fail when a library (.DLL) that they use is upgraded.

To workaround this issue:

1. Create a new Mpradmin sub-folder.

2. Place an empty mpradmin.exe.local file in the new sub-folder.

NOTE: The <ProgramName>.exe.local file causes the local versions of any .DLL to be used, if they exist.

3. Copy the %SystemRoot%\System32\mpradmin.exe to the Mpradmin sub-folder.

4. Copy the previous version of Mfc42u.dll to the Mpradmin sub-folder. In this case, it may be obtained from SP6a.

5. Run mpradmin.exe from the Mpradmin sub-folder.

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