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JSI Tip 5762. You've got to try ActiveWords Plus!

What is ActiveWords?

ActiveWords is patented technology that adds a simple and powerful attribute to your user interface, it turns words into actions. You enter or select any words in any context at any time, and are directly connected with services related to the meaning of those words.

Why use ActiveWords?

ActiveWords allows you to leverage your vocabulary and innate naming ability to provide:

  • Spontaneous access

  • Instant results

  • Significant time savings

  • Improved ease of use

ActiveWords gets you the closest to your work and thoughts by making every word a link

You already understand the meaning of 20,000 words but can figure out less than 100 icons. You already know what you are looking for but must remember "where it is" and fiddle through endless menus and file structures to get to it. ActiveWords overcomes these limitations by leveraging your vocabulary and naming ability while integrating seamlessly into the existing Windows interface.

With ActiveWords, every word on a computer is a gateway to all the information and resources available to you. We call this new attribute of words the Universal Hypertext Link (UHL). UHLs are always present and are seamlessly integrated with the existing features and mechanisms of today's user interface.

A Focus on Results - ActiveWords simplifies the user interface. At present, you must first park your thought about what you want, then think of the right tool use, then navigate to the correct tool, then navigate to that mechanism, then tell that mechanism what you want (if you still remember what you want)..., then, start navigating information structures (e.g., nested menus, web pages)... Thus, you currently manufacture the result you seek.

With ActiveWords, you simply call the result you desire by using the UHL, which is a property of every word on your computer, regardless of where you are working at the time. You want to know the weather? Just type weather and press the ActiveWords Key when the thought occurs to you.

Great simplicity and productivity - With ActiveWords, you simply select or type the word(s) related to what you want - and press the ActiveWords key.


ActiveWords PLUS!

ActiveWords PLUS! is the ultimate productivity tool for active computer users. If you value your time and that of your employees you will value ActiveWords PLUS! ActiveWords PLUS! can be licensed for single users and for enterprise deployment. 

ActiveWords PLUS! allows word/action associations to be created by the user, automatically suggested by user behavior, or pre-defined within ActiveWord applications built to meet specific needs.

ActiveWords PLUS! gives you unlimited power to apply your own language to the things you do with your computer, including creating:

  • UHLs to web sites and pages - including simple navigations to specific pages and more complex lookups.

  • UHLs to automatically create and address E-mail messages.

  • UHLs to launch applications.

  • UHLs to open, documents and files of any sort.

  • UHLs for text substitutions.

  • UHLs for a large variety of Windows shortcuts.

  • UHLs that call scripts and macros - using the ActiveWords scripts, third-party scripts and macros, agents and middleware, as well as any callable OS resources and functions.

  • UHLs to a variety of software agents via a variety of interface protocols (e.g., OCX).


ActiveWords links information services or resources directly to all words on a user's computer via Universal Hypertext Links (UHL).

All words means every word, phrases or data value, whether typed by the user or selected (by mouse or keyboard) anywhere and anytime.... in documents, web pages, E-mail messages, etc. With ActiveWords, all words now have Universal Hypertext Links.

To use a UHL, you simply select or type a word or phrase and trigger its UHL by pressing the ActiveWords key (any F-Key you designate). You can activate a UHL any application, document or view.

UHL's automatically retrieve information or services related to a specific word or phrase. HTML/Universal Resource Locators (URLs) require control over the text in order to establish a link. Universal Hypertext Links (UHLs) are available for all the text in any document, or displayed on the user's display.

UHL semantics, actions and rules reside in the ActiveWords WordBase, which may be stored locally on your computer, on your local area network, or on the Internet. By means of the WordBase, all words and phrases have UHLs. Words not specifically identified in the WordBase are assigned UHLs based on rules specified in the WordBase.

Every word, means any word or phrase up to 80 characters long that may be selected, typed, or spoken (80 is an arbitrary limit that can be expanded).

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