JSI Tip 5648. How do I print permissions on a folder tree?

NOTE: See tip 9640 ยป How do I print permissions on a folder tree using standard commands?

There are many ways to accomplish the subject task.

In tip 5640, we set permissions on user home folders. In tip 5645, I introduced FORFILES. In tip 0425, I explained how to read the permissions displayed by the CACLS command.

I have scripted ListPerm.bat, to display the permissions of a folder tree. The syntax is:

ListPerm "Drive:\Folder" "ReportFile".

ListPerm.bat contains:

@echo off
IF \{%1\}

\{\} GOTO bad IF NOT EXIST %1 GOTO bad IF \{%2\}

\{\} goto bad set pf=%1 set report=%2 if exist %report% del /q %report% cacls %pf%>%report% forfiles -p%pf% -s -c"CMD /c if @ISDIR==TRUE cacls [email protected]>>%report%" endlocal GOTO :EOF :bad @echo Usage: ListPerm "Drive:\Folder" "ReportFile" @echo. endlocal

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