JSI Tip 5628. Srvinfo generates Error 53?

When you run Srvinfo.exe, you receive Error 53? The Srvinfo tool requires that the Remote Registry service be started.

Srvinfo Usage

When you type srvinfo /?, you receive:
Version 2.55

Remotely gather information about a target server. Assume local machine if no computer name is provided.

================================================ Usage: SRVINFO \[\[-?|-ns|-d|-v|-s\] \\computer_name\] -?: Show usage -ns: Do NOT show any service information -d: Show service drivers and service -v: Get version info for Exchange, IIS, SQL -s: Show shares
When I type Srvinfo on my Windows 2000 Professional laptop, I receive:
Server Name: JSI005
Security: Users
Registered Owner: Jerold Schulman
Registered Organization: JSI, Inc.
ProductID: xxxxxxxxx
Original Install Date: Sun Jun 03 10:58:06 2001
Version: 5.0
Build: 2195, Service Pack 3
Current Type: Uniprocessor Free
Product Name: Microsoft Windows 2000
Product Options: Professional
HAL.DLL is  5.00.2195.5201 - Microsoft Corporation - 5.0:2195.81
PDC: \\jsi001.JSIINC.COM
Domain Guid: \{3B5A37B6-5F55-47E6-B9FE-A2674CD2D8EC\}
PDC Site Name: Default-First-Site
Computer Site Name: Default-First-Site
IP Address:
CPU\[0\]: x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping 1: 800 MHz
Drive:  \[FileSys\]  \[ Size \]  \[ Free \]  \[ Used \]
  C$      NTFS       18005      8169      7836
  D$      NTFS        6294      2834      3460
   \[Running\]    Alerter
   \[Running\]    Application Management
   . . . .
   \[Running\]    Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions
   \[Running\]    Automatic Updates
Network Card \[0\]: Intel 8255x-based PCI Ethernet Adapter (10/100)
   Message-oriented TCP/IP Protocol (SMB session)
   Point to Point Tunneling Protocol
   Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol
   WINS Client(TCP/IP) Protocol
   Remote Access NDIS WAN Driver
   Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

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