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JSI Tip 5586. How do I add a 3rd party service to the system services in group policy?

Using system services in group policy, you can define the start-up mode, and access permissions for all system services.

To add a 3rd party service to group policy, perform the following:

1. Logon to the Windows 2000 member server or Professional workstation, where the service is located, as a domain administrator.

2. If the Adminpak.msi is NOT installed, install it by double-clicking \\<Win2000ServerName>\Admin$\System32\Adminpak.msi.

3. Open the Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, or the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in if you want a site policy.

4. Right-click the domain name, site, or organizational unit (OU), and press Properties.

5. Select the Group Policy tab.

6. Edit or create a new policy.

7. Navigate to Computer Configuration \ Windows Settings \ Security Settings \ System Services.

8. Select the 3rd party service from the list, delegate rights, configure start-up, etc...

NOTE: The System Services branch is NOT available in the Local Computer Policy object.

For additional information, see:

Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Group Policy Feature Set.

Introduction to Windows 2000 Group Policy.

Windows 2000 Group Policy.

Troubleshooting Group Policy in Windows 2000.

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