JSI Tip 5536. Does the logged on user have administrative rights on the local computer?

Isadmin freeware can detect when the currently logged on user has administrative rights on the local computer?

When you open a CMD prompt and type isadmin /?, you receive:

IsAdmin v2.0 Beta (12/18/01) FREEWARE by Douglas Good
Copyright 2001-2002 Outside The Box Software

This program checks whether the currently logged in user has Administrator
rights on the local machine, and returns 1 if so or 0 if not.  If run under
Windows 9x/ME, the default return value is 0, but this can be changed.

USAGE: IsAdmin \[/Q\] \[/W9X:n\]
  /Q turns on Quiet mode, no screen output will be written except for errors.
  /W9X:n allows you to set any numeric result code for Windows 9x/ME systems.
       The "n" may be any whole number between 0 and 255.
  /R reverses the exit codes returned.  (/W9X overrides this on Win9x systems)

Default return codes:
 0 = User is NOT an administrator or Windows 9X/ME detected
 1 = User has Administrator rights on the local machine
 255 = Error occurred (illegal command line parameters passed)

To report bugs or request additional features email [email protected]
This program is freeware and may not be sold.


isadmin /Q
if ERRORLEVEL 1 @echo %username% is a local administrator.

NOTE: If you find this software useful, click here.

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